Cover it yourself, copyright on covering music

As we change the way in which we interact with the world around us, may find it hard to get noticed within this new digital age. However thanks to the power of the internet and more importantly YouTube. People are able to become more noticeable. Take for instance Justin Bieber who shot to fame after uploading videos of him covering songs. But surprisingly what he did is actually illegal. Well it is but it depends on who you ask. Most blogs and news centres say it is illegal however there isn’t anything really written down about it.

But why is it consider illegal to cover a song. After all nearly all YouTubers do it to show their passion for their music as well as their love for the musician. However record companies don’t see it that way, they see it as a breach of copyright which could lead to a court order. So what can we do to prevent this from happening? Well it will only be possible when record companies acknowledge that the YouTubers are doing it to show off their skills and their love for their music. Not to be used for making money.

Despite all this it is very rare for someone to be penalised against a record company for covering a song. This is because of the amount of YouTubers and YouTube videos covering music. To attack one person isn’t fair unless you target all of them at the same time. If YouTube did do this and took down all the song covered videos they would loss so much of its audience which would result in the site closing down. So financially it wouldn’t be suitable for them to do that. So in all it will be hard for YouTube to copyright every single YouTubers who covered at least one song. If they did do it, in effect they would be shooting themselves in the foot. Instead of focusing on covering songs, they should focuses on people who are downloading music off YouTube instead of buying it. This should be the focus as you are effectively stealing.

Overall copyright with music in YouTube is such a hard area to cover since it has so many politics involved which would result in the downfall of YouTube.





  1. You have a great point in your post, I like how people who cover songs are not that bad which allows them to slowly start up their career, but with youtube’s strict and odd copyright it makes it hard to upload anything without getting some sort of strike, unless the video contains all your own stuff.


  2. I agree that YouTube’s biggest problem is that anyone can download music from their site. I actually do not understand how YouTube converter has not been shut down as it allows audiences to illegally download music. I also think that covering a song is not illegal as, by covering it, I do not think that the YouTuber is taking any profits away from the artist – however I can see that, from a copyright perspective, they are sort of stealing the lyrics or music of a song. But if we look at it from that point of view, then would snapchats of drunk people singing (awfully) be seen as copyright infringement too?


  3. I think it’s generally difficult to stop people from using songs, I mean Vines use them all the time, and if you go on Instagram a lot of people use songs over their videos. It would be crazy if the world of the Internet made everyone ask for permission for a song or video content. A lot of things would be restricted, and there would be no fun in engaging.


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