Keep Literrature Respectable

Sadly, I was struggling to think of a content in which we do not have a free access to today. The accessibility that is featuring our contemporary world is wide, convenient, and is changing the face of various industries, mainly the creative one. Although, I believe that in terms of copyrights and access- most fiction books are still rather protected.


Even with the shift of modern literature online, or alternatively, to Kindle- it is impossible to access the full content of fiction books without payitumblr_nqcopdRjEr1uqec6zo1_500.gifng for it. E-books that are still under the copyrights law are being accessed through platforms such as Amazon, or Kindle- but you must pay for those.


Personally, I find the limitations positive. I believe that financing literature content is crucial to allow this industry to exist. Copyright law and creative commons concept tend to respect the producer, protect intellectual properties and to make culture valuable. If e-books were produced under creative commons concept, it could potentially broaden the audience. However, in the same time, it would make writer’s career impossible.


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  1. I agree, to finance literature is essential to allow the industry to continue. Copyright in literature acts as protection both financially and creatively, due to it protecting the writers original and ‘creative expression’ of ideas. If this was under a CC licence people would be able to freely use the writers words and pass them off as their own (to a degree, depending on what type of CC licence they possess). This becomes evermore important as the popularity of e-books rise, as copying and distributing becomes simpler and harder to monetise.


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