Just stream it.

Most of you would know Netflix as the movie-streaming website which has over 75 million subscribers as of January 2016. Did Netflix even exist before it started streaming in 2007 in the United States? the answer is yes, it did. Netflix started as an American DVD-by-mail service in 1998 – this means they used to send out films on DVD for their subscriber’s one DVD per time, if you posted the DVD back, you get the next one on your watch list. 

In August 2010, Netflix reached a five-year deal worth nearly $1 billion to stream films from Paramount Pictures, Lions Gate Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. So the copyrights of the movies on Netflix is not even Netflix’s to control or change. The thing about Netflix is, we already share it with family and friends which is bad for the company but good for us. 


Truthfully, it’s not that hard for any of us to stream movies for free on other sites (which is illegal), however people still prefer to get a Netflix account and a subscription, moreover Netflix strives to produce original content whether it’s a series or a movie, and it’s usually labelled “A NETFLIX ORIGINAL. 

The advantages of Netflix ar that it’s easy to use, ton’s of movies and series to watch (original and un-original), not that expensive, multi user account. The limitations however; not ALL the movies and series are on there, not available in all countries (until recently), even “NETFLIX ORIGINALS” can be found and streamed online for free. 


So what do you think about Netflix, isn’t it technically sharing the copyrighted content (movies and series) of other companies such as Warner Bros and Lions Gate Films with the company’s consent ? and how do you think the future of streaming will be? will we still be subscribing to websites like Netflix? or will we all just stream movies for free and share them in 1080p HD like we share Facebook videos.


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  1. It might surprise you, but I don’t have a Netflix subscription. I still use filelist to download my series and movies. However, I think Netflix is not that great as others might think. To my own dissapointment, I do not know for sure if you can use it while you are offline, but if you can’t then here is an advantage of streaming movies from websites like filelist.
    To answer your last question, I think there will be people who will just subscribe to sites like Netflix , but also people who will just stream their movies for free. None of this two will “die” for good.


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