Original Netflix content.

Netflix is one of the most obvious examples of content that is copyrighted and only accessible for a monthly fee of £6.99. Some people might find it too much to pay as most of the films/tv shows that are available can be found for free, however they are online pirated/illegal versions in lower quality for example on Putlocker. Many Internet Service Providers have blocked users from accessing these websites as they go against copyright laws including the Creative Commons license. However, Netflix has created some original films and TV shows such as Orange is the New Black which I could not find on these illegal websites, probably because of Netflix’s strict copyright regulations which causes the content to be removed from any other sites other than Netflix. This is done so customers will still maintain their monthly subscription and the website will have some profits. Why would anyone want to pay if the content is available online right? This is why it’s very important that we have a Creative Commons license, which doesn’t only keep the company going, but also gives some credit to the original creator of the TV Show/Film and not misuse it by uploading them to illegal websites. However, I have come across different versions of Original Netflix shows such as ‘The Returned’ in foreign websites which the Internet Service Provider does not recognise, however the website requires you to watch adverts and click on links to access content for free, which cannot be trusted due to possible viruses, so I think it is worth to pay that small amount to enjoy content in a HD quality without worrying about copyright license breaking and viruses. If Netflix did not have these restrictions, people would take advantage of enjoying free stuff without anyone benefiting from it financially; therefore I think Netflix should stay under the Creative Commons license to maintain its content.


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  1. I agree, Netflix should stay under the Creative Commons license. By paying the fee to access the content on Netflix, users actually gain even more: they gain the right to access their favourite shows wothout worrying about copyright infringement, without any ads, and the content is available on-demand. But the Creative Commons license also ensures that the creators actually make some profit for their work, which would otherwise be loss-making. I doubt anyone would produce any creative content if there was no creative commons license, meaning no profit could be made out of it. I believe artists should be able to make a living out of their work. Platforms like Netflix help directors achieve that.


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