Spotify is an app where people can keep up-to-date with the latest chart music, make their own playlists and discover new music with their ‘browser’ option. This allows them to view playlists and songs which are most suited for them. Spotify charges their subscribers £9.99 per month, this allows them to listen to their music with no advertisements and they will also be able to listen to their music offline.

Primarily, student access the free version off this app. However, they would not be able to skip songs and have to listen to the advertisements when listening to their music. There is controversy with artists that do not agree with Spotify’s regulations as they do not think that people should listen to their music for free. Such as Taylor Swift, who does not allow any of her music to be streamed on Spotify as she thinks her fans should pay it as she thinks it is unfair on the fans that have paid for her music.

Taylor Swift is not the only person Spotify have had issues with about streaming their music. There have been issues with other artists such as Prince and Jason Aldean. Since the launch of Spotify, they have had the reputation of being untrustworthy as they have broken infringement laws and have been severally fined for not paying artists their correct loyalties.

The interruption of  constant adverts is a good way to make people want to pay for Spotify. Buying the Spotify reduces the number of people committing copyright via YouTube converter and other media platforms.




  1. I am such a fan of Spotify. I think it’s one of the greatest music apps. It allows its users to listen to the music they like without having to download all the songs. I have like 600 songs in my list.. imagine how it would be to download all of them and store them in the phone’s memory. Not only I won’t have enough space for everything I want but my phone would also be extremely slow.
    I did not know about the Taylor Swift issue so I am glad I found out through your post.


  2. Interesting post. As a spotify loyal listener -I also pay the montly fee!- I wasn’t aware of the controversies with singers. It’s an interesting debate: Spotify seems to be one of the unique platforms where someone has still the will to pay for music. Today the only way to make money as a singer is live tours. It gets pretty tiring. What other options there are, but trying to give an efficient service to people in order to make them pay for music?


  3. Nice post! To be honest, I haven’t been paying for music for really long time. I am a bit shame on myself, sometimes. Cause for those artists whom I really like, I think that it is the respect for them to buy their works. Do you still pay for music? Same as online news websites, you think what can actually change the trend for traditional industries to compete with free-internet access?


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