Tidal: A quality music streaming service

Tidal is a music streaming service established in 2009. The company has 500,000 paying subscribers and was bought for 56 million by a company controlled by Jay-Z, by adding music videos the site increased its fee to £19.99 a month . Therefore if Tidal was under a creative commons licence, streaming sites like Spotify would lose a lot of subscribers, as Tidal is known for its quality streaming service.

The biggest names in music: Rihanna, Usher, Arcade Fire and Calvin Harris all appeared in the advert to help launch the campaign #TidalforAll. Tidal intend to make sure subscribers hear the latest songs before anyone else. The website was also introduced as being “pro music artist” and by not offering a free ad supporting tier for its music.

The copyright policy for Tidal is very strict in its approach. For example subscribers have no right to engage in the commercial use and making versions or copies of the content they stream. However while I think that this is fairly reasonable, surely sites like Tidal would appreciate any form of advertisement that will increase the number of people joining the site. It would be nice listen to songs without having to make some form of payment, surely artists like Beyoncé wouldn’t benefit from my 99p contribution.




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