To be honest with you guys i dont see any point of all this licence on music and movies anymore seeing as there are so many other ways to listen and watch the latest stuff.
IMG_0258-970-80Apple music is a new app which was launched last year. it is another music streaming app that provides hand-pick songs, artists and albums based on what you listen to and like. although there are a variety of online music apps such as sound cloud, spotify, tubidy and Youtube, apply music provides you with the latest hit when exactly when they come out. the app gives you three months free trial before you subscribe to paying £9.99 a month.

Creative Commons licence allows the app to showcase new music in comparison to sound cloud and tubidy which does not have a CC licence which means that people can stream for free and even upload there music for others to share and list yen to it. to be honest from that its even arguable whether apple music is even necessary as in today’s youth generation, no body really buys albums or even videos for that matter, we all just wait for one of these music apps to upload it first.

I’m sure most of us have heard of putlocker, it is an online website that allows free movie streaming, it does not have a a creative commons licence as it provides illegal streaming of movies which we all love (lets not lie to ourselves). Nowadays noone want to pay for cinema tickets just but your popcorn and stay in the comfort of your own home.


download thanks for reading guys 🙂



  1. I for one must admit I do not buy music, only vinyls for true sound of music, but if I wasn’t a student I would pay for Apple Music because I do believe artists deserve recognition and appreciation for their talent and it also allows them to create more of the there great music in the future.

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  2. Good post Whitney! I agree with your point questioning if sites like this are even necessary in today’s society.I can personally admit that I don’t pay for my music, but it’s interesting to know that sites like Apple Music generates your own personal playlist

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  3. What you’ve said is quite interesting since i’ve had the same though about paid websites in the future (which you can read here https://networksocietymedia3.wordpress.com/2016/03/16/netflix/), and what would be their status be, would they still exist or would we just stream everything (which we already do). It’s also the producing company that gives the CCL to these apps and not the authors (the musicians and directors themselves) which is another thing to think about to.

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