YouTube and the CCL

YouTube is probably the most well known of sites which allows you to listen, watch and upload free content such as music and video. However just recently YouTube has introduced a copyright detecting mechanism called the Creative Commons License, too the annoyance of me and others who love free music.

Basically all music/videos that have not paid the fee set by YouTube or have infringed  copyright laws in some way were deleted from YouTube. So all the free music I was lapping up has gone.

To use materials you have to ask for authority or pay the fee, which is something like ten dollars a month. This was created to prevent people from making a profit of a piece of music or video which isn’t theirs, so this means that YouTube would gain a greater a profit and so would those who did the work. Online TV programmes YouTube doesn’t adhere to regulators like Ofcom or the Watershed adding more freedom to uploadable content – which is one of YouTubes greatest attractions and advantage over its competitors.

The obvious advantage of YouTube using the Creative Commons License is that money or recognition goes to the rightful owner or producer.

A big limitation for me is that I can’t listen to everything anymore, sad times.



  1. Good post Josh! Obviously YouTube is a popular site which most people use for entertainment purposes, so you could say that not many people are aware of the impact that CCL or strict copyright have. Good examples of benefits and limitations of using CCL.


  2. Nice post! I have discussed about Youtube in my post as well, but you have covered something that I didn’t realize before, which is what the influence of the use of Creative Commons Licenses or strict copyright on those serving platform such as Youtube, and Spotify is. Can they gain more profit as you pointed out in your post? Or, are they constrained at the mean time? What do you think?


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