YouTube CC Licence

YouTube is a well-known website for being able to access free content and is currently under a Creative Commons licence. The use of this licence stops people using music or footage that belongs to a certain company or co-operation. If they do use it they will have to either remove it or ask for authority. If you use someone else’s creations you have to ask permission; especially if you are making a profit from it.

If YouTube was put under a strict copyright control, there wouldn’t be as many videos on the website, a lot of the videos would be removed. The advantage of YouTube is that it allows a lot more freedom of using different peoples work, it’s not as strict as a TV programme.

The advantage of it being like this is that it keeps a fair share between the actual owner of the song or image and they receive praise as much as the video itself.

The limitations are that it stops people from being more expressive and creative with their work – a lack of freedom. For example, I have a YouTube channel and I edited a video and I needed good music to put on my video so I decided to use the music given when you are uploading the video onto your channel. There wasn’t much choice and none of the music were from well-known bands or artists.




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