Open Post – Media Convergence

Out of all the weekly topics the one that was the most interesting to me was Media Convergence, not because it links directly to parts of my course but because the possibilities and outcomes of using Media Convergence.

Media Convergence plays a very big role in media because we are simple putting  our idea which might not be a full picture, but when it is put into pre-production then it starts to develop more and starts to become a full picture. This is when people who have gained ideas from another production add it to the pile of ideas, anything which is produced today is a form of convergence as is almost anything today.

Since I have gained a better understanding of convergence I have started to slowly notice the role of it in our society today as well as how often it is used in products which are Media related as well ones which are not. As well as gaining a better insight in what is Convergence in the Media industry I have also been able the benefits of using convergence effectively and negatively. Effective forms of Convergence are Films, Tv shows, Phones, Laptops but some forms of Convergence don’t always work out as planned mainly when it come to Films which are adaptations of comics or a novel.



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