Living the internet life.

Overall, throughout this module, I have learnt the importance the internet plays in our current society. As we live each day with the internet sometimes we forget to critically think about its existence and how it influences our lives.

Ever since I was young I have been using the internet, as a source to gain from, I use to play Barbie, Polly-pocket and MyScene games, now I use it to profile myself on each social media app that I use, I have a lot of friends that know my ‘internet’ self more than my original ‘real’ life self, which sounds crazy but the same applies for me too. I have become good friends with people just through Snapchat and Instagram just by their posts and what they say, but if I knew them in real life maybe we wouldn’t be as close as we are now. I think the internet is a beautiful creation by the human kind, however, it comes with a lot of trials, it’s another world, which makes it a place of ‘escapism’.

Everyone can not be trusted in the real world and the same applies to the internet. The film ‘Catfish‘ (2010) explores this idea that people can be lied to and made to believe what they see and hear, and these sorts of issues can leave the person with emotional, physical and mental issues and problems. The internet can hurt you as much as it makes you love you. It’s quite an up and down bipolar relationship.



  1. ‘The Internet can hurt you as much as it makes you love you’ (see ‘Living the internet life.’).

    Nothing, I dare claim, sounds more disturbingly familiar and purposefully neglected. There is arguably no other thing as harmful and beneficial as our good old daily companion- the one you cannot go to sleep without checking- the Internet.

    How many people has it brought together(see ‘Living the internet life.’)? How may bonds has it broken? How much of any of this have we noticed?

    Recently, there has been a significant rise in the number of films, based on the effects of social media. And they are not particularly socially-friendly.

    ‘Disconnected’ (2013) and ‘Friend Request’ (2016) are just a few examples, which have explored both the excitement and horror of social media.

    Oh yes, the horror of ‘unfriending.’ In a reality, where our ‘close online circle’ is increasingly unlimited, is there anything more frightening?

    Constantly exploiting this ‘source to gain from’ (see ‘Living the internet life.’), we gradually turn the world into a virtual reality: raising our voice, building a personality and ‘exposing’ everything about it.

    ‘Living the Internet life:’ that is what this is indeed.

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    • I really like how your thinking is the same as mine, we are really living a life where the Internet has dominated our self purpose and identity. Like right now, we are talking and we get to think before we write and have the chance to read through before we click on that ‘reply’ button. Haha, I’m doing it right now. Like we can really create another part of who we are, and by the way thank you for mentioning those films I will hopefully watch them. 😊

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