Closing Statement

“Feel free to blog about an issue or an example that captured your interest in this module. Remember that the focus should not be on description but on critical analysis!”

8-Open Post; Why not do that by referring to one interesting example from each week with a gif ? Lets Do It!giphy-6

7-Copyright; Streaming websites and illegally shared media texts are making us wonder, will original entertainment vanish in the future or will it still exist although loads of people stream it ?!giphy-7

6-Online Visibility; Private social media accounts can possibly be seen by your future employer whether you like it or not, think twice before you upload that picture you took on Friday night.giphy-5

5-Online Communities; Which ever culture or subculture you belong to in society, whether it’s just a fan base of Leonardo DiCaprio, or the chess club in your high school, there will be an online community for you.giphy-4

4-Audience Participation; It’s not audience participation anymore, we’ve reached a point where the audience is producing and the media is participating.giphy-8

3-Examples of Convergence; Convergence is not only limited to the media or the technologies we use to access that media, but we’re becoming a multi-cultural world, the same ideas and tools are being used almost everywhere.giphy-3

2-Online Resources; TedTalks, WikiPedia, referencing websites, whatever website it is even if it’s not academic it can be helpful. (keep that in mind for the production proposal and essay)giphy-9

1-History of the internet; USA military and scientist use internet through the ARPANET to share useful information and statistics and much more, when today we use it to post funny looking gifs and cat videos. giphy

– The End-

Good luck with the rest of your assessments !



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