Dear everyone,

I thought that perhaps this final blog post should be a thank you letter.

Every Wednesday and Thursday we wake up and drag our tired selves to an hour long lecture followed by an hour long seminar. I am thankful for sitting next to people in the theatre who can relate to this amount of tiredness.

Not everybody is confident enough to present to a group of students (most of whom they have never met before) and it takes courage to just stand in front of the class. I thank my two co-presenters who presented with me- It’s not so scary if you are not alone. I learnt that copyright doesn’t have to be so serious once turned into an interactive activity and there’s more to what you copy than you think there is.

Speaking of presenting, I am thankful to my seminar leader who allowed us to laugh a little whilst still delivering us knowledge. He guided us along a path as we did his job for an hour and gave honest feedback the next week on how we did. I laughed so much in our meme themed seminar and the presenters did a really good job of explaining what they are and how they work.

I am also thankful for this module as it has allowed me to bond with friends I made last semester when we were all freshers and confused about times and rooms and floors (and sometimes what we were actually supposed to be doing). Thank you 🙂

Also I thank the lecturers because even though, sometimes the lecture went on forever and the topic was confusing (Or dare I say a little bit tiresome), they carried on with their job and answered our emails when we sent them without complain. Thank you muchly (Yes it is now a word). The use of videos made concentrating a lot easier. The campaign lecture stuck in my memory as the kony campaign surprised me by proving that no matter what lies you tell, if you are convincing, you can be fooled.

In conclusion… we have sat through ten lectures, ten seminars, written and thought about eight blog posts, commented on 16 pieces of work and delivered one presentation for a whole hour in a lead the debate discussion.

This was all done with other deadlines in mind (The dreaded production proposal will be the decider that makes or breaks us) yet we drudged on through the mess and come out on the other side as brighter students at the University of Westminster.

NOW GO FORTH! And er…finish the rest of the deadlines…

Happy Easter everyone xx



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