Down With This Sort Of Thing: The Problem With The Internet

Over the past few months we’ve been asked to think about our place in society and the Internet. In my blog posts I’ve broached topics such as online streaming, online communities and reviews. It’s clear to me now what effect the Internet has had on our world. People now have instant access to any bit of information and they can share their opinions on any given subject. In my opinion, this has made people self-entitled and spoilt. People now think they should share everything with the world and yet feel outraged when their privacy on the social media is called into question.

Technological advancement has led way to the upbringing of a damaged generation that is completely dependent on social media and the Internet. It affects how we act and how we see the world. It has an an impact on how we process things and how  we formulate opinions. Because of the Internet, people are more brash and unapologetic. After seven blog posts on media and the internet, I wanted to give my opinion on the direct effect social media and the Internet has had on our lives.





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  1. Despite everything we have learnt during this module, I agree with this blog post. I believe the Internet has made people angry and impatient. I mentioned this on a previous blog post comment but did you know one in five Americans have admitted being rude to someone for serving them “too slow”? This is appalling and I blame the Internet. Here’s another fact: One in four people abandon a web page that takes over four seconds to load. In my opinion, these are not isolated facts – there is a clear link that we are becoming more and more impatient, and I blame the Internet for making us this way.


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