It all goes hand in hand

I have enjoyed this module, probably more than Media and Society last term, because of the immediacy, relevance and relatability of its content to everyday life. We’re constantly using the Internet and have been in direct confrontation with all of the issues covered over the weeks, and being forced to actually reflect on them has proven to be quite insightful.

The topic of online visibility really stuck with me, especially due to discussing with others and reading people’s posts, in terms of how little initial control we have over what gets out there and how big of a footprint we leave. While we might be able to install a VPN to hide our IP address – identity and location – and forgo certain ‘barriers’ of the Internet, even that is now detectable by sites such as Netflix. The reason for that is obviously copyright variations between countries, which proves that products of convergence doesn’t always demonstrate the same worldwide. Then, we resort to online communities such as Reddit to help us successfully navigate our way through new ends of the web.


What I’m trying to convey is that it’s getting more and more obvious how increasingly entangled modern online issues are becoming. In our search for endless new content on the net, we will inevitably be faced with more obstacles as new regulations are set into place, both to protect ourselves and not to restrict our material. I feel like the media we consume will only become steadily more symmetrical – as in we’ll be consuming what other users produce and vice versa, worldwide and breaking barriers down even further, and it will be interesting to see development of that play out in the foreseeable future.future-past_thumb.jpg


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  1. The portion of the module about online visibility also stuck with me. I know that I am very active on the internet, especially on social media, so I know that I have some visibility online. However, I didn’t realize just how much visibility I had. It was surprising to see how I am presented to people who don’t know me, for example, potential employers. They will look at my online profiles to see how I represent myself online. While I try to be true to myself, I have to have some degree of caution. I think this lecture made me think a lot more about how I use social media and its effects later in my life.

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