Network Society and Us

Can’t believe that this is going to be my last blog post…

When I look back at what we have covered during this semester, it seems like all the main concepts about the digital era for media industry have already been discussed comprehensively. However, there is a black hole being stuck in my mind. Even though we have acknowledged clearly that the controversy of the network society is remarkably  existing, and those debates around this topic is getting increasingly popular. What is the ultimate future, or let’s say, solution of all the concerns resulted from the continues and constant  social change.

Yes, I am absolutely pessimistic for the digital tendency. The deeper I get to know about the implication of network society, the less confident I feel in terms of unrestrainedly living in my free will. Transformation of news, privacy and surveillance, convergence and intellectual poverty, etc. I cannot agree with the argument that we are forwardly determining how our life would be in the future. Instead, I think, we are losing control over the network society. Here, “we” doesn’t refer to the elite group, nevertheless, the term of “we” only emphasizes on us as the most common, normal, social human being.

I miss the time without digital devices. I miss the time when people would buy newspaper and spend time on reading it. The time, society solely includes intimate communication and real experience; media is just the combination of words and paper; people are happy but not because they have seen the meaningless online memes.



  1. I agree, new media grew faster than the regulations to control it.
    In the last decade it has been broadly outlined how digital devices reduce the capacity of concentration and focus. Journalism has lowered its standards in order to fit an online page without boring the readers. A little people take now the time to read a good feature.
    Big changes need time, and so does this transitional period. But for now, yes, I agree with you about missing how it used to be.


  2. This semester has gone quick right!? I agree that maybe technology is going to far and wondering myself where will it end, how much more technical can we get? Maybe instead of concentrating on technology for our own purpose, try and channel it into solving poverty etc.


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