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Do online resources destroy our creativity?

With thousands of websites the entire online community has the luxury of all the information, funny videos and memes in one place. All you need is a computer, Wi-Fi and the tiniest bit of motivation -which is why they are so popular with students-.

But the ease of access may just be the problem. Too many of us are becoming consumers and not creators.

Online resources are of course essential on an academic basis to support arguments; make our essays seem a bit fancy; and to add weight to our bibliographies. But as students entering the media is it healthy for us to be so infatuated, reliant and addicted to online resources? Online resources cloud our minds with ideas that aren’t really ours and make us reproduce the same thing we saw on the internet yesterday.

Even audience participation based mediums like YouTube are largely repetitive and lack creativity. You want to know how to contour your face? You’ll have possibly thousands of people showing you the same thing. YouTubers all copy each others video ideas, to the point we can all find out what is in each and every one of their ‘bags’.

Whilst online resources are great, I believe we need to be careful that we are creating, using and consuming all at the same pace.

Online resources enhance our intelligence but damage our creativity.


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  1. I agree with you, creativity has been greatly affected by the new media. While it can be a useful tool to get to know more about a certain topic without having to browse in a library for hours, having everything handy can affect how our creativity develops.


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