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First of all I would like to say how much I have enjoyed this module and its relevance to studying journalism and other media studies. The presentation exercises were engaging and so was my seminar leader. Deadlined blog posts/reading responses were an extremely effective way of keeping up to date with work in comparison to media and society last semester where laziness prevailed and everything got left until last minute in addition it also helps to build up a portfolio of work which can be used time and time again.

Personally I found the audience participation section interesting – showing how social media has given the public the power of participating and voicing their opinions in politics and other social matters, which links to Habermas’s theory of the public sphere. Audience participation allowed me to look into citizen witnessing during the London riots of 2011. There was a collaboration between journalists and citizens which helped provide information on further riots and hotspots, it also allowed for the public to actively engage in filming scenes of riots, capturing still photos on their phones providing journalists with materials to make a story. Obviously the press aren’t wanted by those who are rioting to protect there identification so news cameramen were scarce, this gave birth to almost a new type of reporting journalism – the live blog. Live blogs allowed the public and news reporters to report on what’s going on without the use of cameras so information was still being fed directly from the riots.


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  1. Great post Josh! I like how you have found this module relevant to journalism. I agree with your point on how blogs are utilised for the public and news reporters to fully value a news story. For example with the blogs we have recently created, we’ve found angles that interest the majority in order to build our audience.


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