Paris, but not Beirut. Brussels, but not Ankara

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Tragic events occurred yesterday and almost instantly the world took there grieve to Twitter & Co. While masses mourned and sent their thoughts & prayers, others expressed their anger over the lack of social media activity and condolences for Ankara and Beirut and many more.

It is a very recent phenomenon which is widely discussed in the media and deserves a debate on ‘why do the majority seem to engage more with terrorist attacks in the Western world but not with other attacks’? But before I go into some critical thoughts; what really matters is that every death is tragic and all the pain caused to the victim’s families expresses how we are all human but humanity seems to lack in those who caused these huge tragedies of the 21st century.

It is without doubt that we should all be mourning and stand together for any attack on our freedom and it does not matter if it is Brussels or Beirut. It is also without doubt that those who take their grieve to social media for Brussels are not in denial about the occurrences in Ankara. If someone cares about human loss in Belgium, they would also care about deaths somewhere else, even though they might have not gave them the same online attention. I therefore do not believe anyone should attack people for sending their condolences. I however do believe that it is unfair in a way and of course it would be beautiful if we could all equally stand together for any terrorist attack.

To think of reasons why it is happening, appears to be difficult. Is it the media’s ‘fault’ and failed to cover all locations evenly; is it the government’s fault for expressing their grieve nationwide by lighting up the Eiffel Tower & co. and therefore send the message to their nation’s citizens that one event matters more than the other or is it simply just a coincidence that one hashtag trended more than the other?

There is many question but not many answers, therefore I would like to invite you to share your thoughts …




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  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about the issue you’ve brought up in your post. I haven’t come up with the answer to why do certain lives appear to matter more than the others, however. But the overall explanation could be simple: the closer to you the events happen, the more concerned you become. We, as europeans, used to live in a peaceful continent, but now the future of the EU is questionable, and very unclear. Terror attacks certainly affect us more when they are closer to us. It is the same with the currenr refugee situation: the conflict in Syria has been going on for quite a while now, but there was barely any coverage in the media about people fleeing their homes. But when they started fleeing to Europe, the citizens all of a sudden became concerned about the issues the war in Syria causes. Maybe my approach is too simplistic and only discusses one side of the coin, but I do believe that this is a great part of the issue with the coverage of terror attacks in the media.


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