The Media makes the Audience and the Audience makes the Media

When someone makes a new social media app or any kind of media they have a common audience in mind while producing it. Because of all the advantages the media provides, we always participate in the media world. Without our attention and need for media the media would be nonexistent. In this era the audience is more active because of the amount of different media platforms and the free use of the internet. But when the radio and TV first become public to a massive audience most people believed it and were very close minded. Now we use the media to please ourselves and most of us look everything up before we believe what is displayed on the internet. Before this there were many moral panics; for an example it was believed that violent video games and explicit television were the reason for bad behavior and violence. Remember when everyone believed that an excessive use of video games killed your brain cells?! Yea good thing that thought is almost eliminated. But the media plays a big part in individual’s views, they shape the world is social views of today. Essential the media is us and we are the media.


pizza face trump nose


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  1. I agree with your argument, as the media is completely reliant on its audience, as without them the content’s purpose would be lost. Over time the audience’s relationship with media has changed, once so trusting and accepting, now skeptical and ‘open minded’. Nowadays we have the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, therefore the audience’s ideology is shaped by multiple sources and experiences.


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