The Obsession with Perfection

Firstly guys let me just say how interesting the last few weeks have been, ive learnt so much concerning internet and how social media affects our everyday life. In this last post I would like to briefly touch upon the influence that social media has on individuals (females in particular). As females we obsessed with looking good but do we take this a bit to far? Perfume adverts present a stereotypical image of how we want to look as the models have been emphasised to look beautiful. Phone apps such as facetune, afterlight and Instasize have been created to transform the way females look. personally, I feel like these apps have been formed due to female insecurities however it removes their actual identity and makes them something they want to be.

 I have so many friend that use this app to change the size of their hips, the structure of there face and even the tone of their skin, is it all worth it? On YouTube lifestyle blogger and make-up enthusiast, Patricia Bright, even gives a tutorial on how to use such editing apps which shows that editing has become the norm in society.




What do you guys think? Is social media affecting body images and appearances? Leave your comments below thanks



  1. The issue with body image in the media, is that the “ideal female body” that is portrayed on every single magazine cover, is, in fact, unnatural in most cases. The expectations that are being pushed upon young people, not just girls, are traumatic, as these expectations are the cause of severe insecurity, and even health issues, such as eating disorders. However, I think there are positive changes in the media, concerning body image: h&m had a campaign with all types of bodies included in the adverts: plus-size, transgender, petite plus-size, etc. Also, the first male plus-size model has appeared in the industry. These positive changes, I believe, will bring positive body-image into the fashion industry and, in turn, the media overall.

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  2. To begin with, I totally agree with you! The past few weeks have been really interesting.. Everything we found out while doing our research.. All these things we found out about the Internet and its role in our lives.
    On a second thought, you are right, these apps only help women with insecurities and it also makes them look fake.
    I also know girls who use these kind of apps to change their sizes, which is not helping them, it is not full of advantages as they might see it.
    To answer your question, yes I think that social media really affects one’s body image and appearance. It allows people to pretend they are someone else. Totally wrong!

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