The revolution will be broadcast

As we go about our day to day lives we often forget the power we have in our hands. Or so we think we do. Without a doubt social media can have a massive effect on the way in which we can affect peoples life. Whether its for the great good or just pure evil. This all depends on how you as a person want to react with the world around you.

As many of you will remember in the early 2010s the Arab spring started, changing many countries and changing so many different lives. But why did this happen. More importantly can it happen to a country like England or even America. The truth is yes it can. As we saw with the occupy wall-street, a large group of normal Americans decide that they wanted change. And to a point they did. But not on the say scale as Syria or Egypt.

But what is stopping a political change within these countries. Well no one really knows. Majority of people agree with their elected government and only a handful disagree. So for a large scale revolution you would need the majority of your country behind you. You would also need some form of a hierarchy to replace the once acting government. Its no good if you kick out your government and leave a void in which can be taken over and leave to complete collapse.

But how would this effect the social media side. Well it would most likely start off as a social media campaign which would later on be evolve into a full on revolution. The same thing which happened in Egypt in 2011. Since 1 in every 7 people have at least one form of social media, it will be hard for the government to change the minds of everyone who is involved. As proven in turkey a few years ago were they effective switched off the internet. This wasnt the case because the was a way round the block that many people exploited.

Overall social media has a massive impact on the way in which we live our lives. From talking to a few friends about changing the world to a full on revolution. Without a doubt it is the most powerful tool we have to express ourselves as well as sharing our points of view. Even if its a cat chasing a laser.



  1. This is a great post because the political points you’ve raised in this are very relevant. Especially the point about questioning what drives political change within countries like Egypt. It should also be said that social media is a great tool in driving democracy.


  2. Your post has lots of good points, I would say that for some social media could even control them or they could not live without their Facebook accounts etc, but your post is a good view on how it has such a big impact on us and how far this impact spreads.


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