Who’s The Boss?

In the past few weeks we were examining the power of the media, and the internet in particular, from so many different views. We discussed comunities, we argued advatages and disadvantages- on us as a community and as individuals.

One topic that attracted me the most was the “Audience Participation”. I believe that this topic is also related to the last lecture- the issue of protest movements and their connection with the internet. I am fascinated by the way in which the internet became a game-changer through our engagement; I regard its wide impact on our mentality and culture- the way it constatly shapes our society and reality.

salesy_PRIf we are to understand this relationship between the media- I believe that a lot of theory is required- to connect the dots between the issue of community, of the internet history, the online visibilty etc. I believe that the enormous power that we may recognize in each topic is related to the others.

Audience participation however, represents for me the connection between the dots. It is our direct activity, our visibilty and the process of change of the internet platform throughout the years. This topic may be count as a key discussion on matters as power, control and abilities- that have certainly changed, and clapping-crowd-applausekeep on changing.


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