End Note

One of the most interesting bits that I found while writing these blogs was researching the variety of online communities on the web. They are a place where people from all over the world can connect and engage in discussions with people from all across the world.

The online community that I focused on was SoundCloud, but I found reading other posts about different online communities interesting, too, because it seems there’s not a subject that’s not covered by one of these online forums.

A lot of the other subjects that was covered in Network Society and Media were engaging, as well, because all of them are still relevant in our lives today. We covered useful online resources that would help us with our essay, we discussed media that uses audience participation and considered the safety of our online-selves through the visibility of our social networks.

Sometimes a lot of what we have covered has shown the negative side of social media, or sometimes even it’s users. However, I have learned that Media in a modern day society is important for networking, connecting and accessing information, and that is probably the most important thing I learned during the last 8 weeks of Network Society and Media.



  1. I also agree with the point that you’re making. It’s interesting to see how people mainly on the negative side to social media, but there is also a positive to it all to. Online communities can be so helpful and beneficial to so many people and whatever the use of the website is. But, I definitely believe that the positive side to social media sites etc heavily outweigh the negative side.


  2. I definitely agree with your point! I found it interesting how online communities are so useful to people whether it be for professionalism, fun or support. Although it could be quite negative as it disconnects us from the real world and we start living in an alternative ‘online dimension’, however I believe there are more positives to the online communities and the media itself as it helps us to connect and access useful information!


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