The Media makes the Audience and the Audience makes the Media

When someone makes a new social media app or any kind of media they have a common audience in mind while producing it. Because of all the advantages the media provides, we always participate in the media world. Without our attention and need for media the media would be nonexistent. In this era the audience is more active because of the amount of different media platforms and the free use of the internet. But when the radio and TV first become public to a massive audience most people believed it and were very close minded. Now we use the media to please ourselves and most of us look everything up before we believe what is displayed on the internet. Before this there were many moral panics; for an example it was believed that violent video games and explicit television were the reason for bad behavior and violence. Remember when everyone believed that an excessive use of video games killed your brain cells?! Yea good thing that thought is almost eliminated. But the media plays a big part in individual’s views, they shape the world is social views of today. Essential the media is us and we are the media.


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You can say I’m kinda guarded

All my social profiles are private. Everyone has their reason for having a private account either it is from hiding your lives away from enemies/bullies, to just wanting your account and life to be private. Personally I love sharing my life and experience with my family and friends. On the other hand, when it comes to strangers that just try to contact me through my Messenger, I think it’s weird and I feel very uncomfortable and if they had access to my account then they see part of my life that I didn’t want them to see. I mean doesn’t most people dislike creepers? But also you do have people that are friends with you over social media and you have probably met them once or twice or were friends with them in middle school. But, even when they can see all my stuff I don’t like everyone to know what I am doing or where I go to school or intimate events in my life, even some distant family. I feel like the people that are really involved in your life should know what you’re up to and that’s it. I guess you can say I have my handful of friends and family but hey that’s just me. Snapchat for an example, I post almost everything on there but only my closet friends and family can see it because I don’t like sharing it with strangers. Because once you post your username to Instagram then a whole bunch of unnecessary people can see through another window of your life. This in turn, sways most people to conform into what is acceptable in the social media world. I think snap chat is there for you to engage and be yourself and not feel like you post anything wrong and then you’re going to get judged by how “friends” view your snaps. The user knows they are exposing this event in their life on social media and it is going to stay on the internet forever, so they make that decision of how much of themselves are exposed once they press POST.

Student Room

Is an app and website that is paired with Facebook and you connect with other class mates in your GCSE, A-level or university classes. The class is listed under the university then teacher and then your scheduled class time. When you sign up under this class you can communicate with your classmates and ask questions, share notes or study materials. You can also connect to classmates around the world by facetiming which allows you to personally engage with your classmates. The thing that might be challenging is getting all of your classmates to participate in the website. Some classes might not have a profile so when you need help you might not get it. But on the other side it provides advice when applying to university or any general advice about university. You can get assistance with your CV, choice in career, temp-jobs or any career path you want to take. It also provides tabs that advises students on relationships and health; news and entertainment and your student finances. All these are provided in order to help a student choose the best lifestyle and career they want.

“Where snaps become reality”

Ohh where art thou Snapchat? Snapchat is growing immensely in the Social Media Business. This is a photo and video based app that sends either individual or public messages. Also, where your “friends” can see your content ranging from 1-10 sec on personal message or 1 sec to 24 hours on your story where everyone can see. In a way, it’s a window into the users lives. In the society of Snapchat it is okay to post eventful videos, glamour shots to ugly pictures and embracing videos. This is all acceptable because it does not stay on the Snapchat it “disappears” into snappy space….

Audience Participation is key, as DJ Khaled would say. In order for this business to strive and represent their brand in every way possible, they need to involve every user on a national level. This allows users to upload pictures and videos to whatever story that is in their region. This is only platform that allows you view the lives of other people around you or the world. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, this creates a nation of audience participation. Where every day you can see the lives of Londoner or people in the Philippines or celebrate New Year’s all over the world. It also makes you aware of historic events and cultures around the world.

The Development of Generation C and Social Media Convergence

During this day and age social media is one of the biggest media convergences. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Etc. use mobile phones to help individual express and share their perspectives on different issues. Social Media users are now stepping out of the majorities shadow by expressing their beliefs over social media. Social makes discussions not as confrontational as it would be face to face. As individuals speak out, they become more invested in a platform and create their own identity. By putting a lot of involvement into their profile and the constant communication within their community makes them more relevant. The individuals that invest the most time into social media this day and age are young adults. This convergence of technology and social media created Generation C. while reading the article “The Rise of Generation C” by Roman Friedrich. Michael Peterson and Alex Koster they explain that this generation was born after 1990. This generation means that we are tech savvy and we automatically turn to the internet or social media for basically anything. Some characteristic that I got from this article is, we all involve different circumstance and we combine them. We are able to make communities that share our beliefs. Like I said before we can be in control of our lives by controlling what others see. Also, we strive to work in creative fields and not succumb to social ways. Since we have great access to different resources this gives us power to control the development of the future technologies and companies. This changed the consumers roll of being a witness to being a key part in future technologies and the way society is viewed. On the other hand, producers benefit from social media because it is more cost efficient, more effective, and using big platforms to reach a bigger audience. This also gives a small business a chance to build their brand and become successful.

The Rise in Generation C article

Globalization and the Internet

One word, Globalization. How broad is that topic?! In a sense globalization has a domino effect on future events. The internet is a big factor in today’s globalization process. The industrial development in the Western Countries is one of the main causes of the internet’s success. In turn, Western countries develop societies within the Internet. Cheers to the birth of Social Media! The use of social media in a way is shaped into almost everyone’s lives and gives “the people” a voice towards world issues. Social Media and the internet is a great tool of everyday life. Because the Western countries are really the ones that are privileged enough to have the internet and social media, they become more involved in world issues. They are the ones who control most of the information that is accessible to the public. Media platforms like CNN, Buzzfeed, Huffpost, New York Times all pick and choose what they are going to write about. As the internet increases the power of western countries, it also decreases the power of rural countries.

This brings me to my take on the internet’s future. At the beginning of the internet not that many people had access to the internet throughout the 20th century, even in the western countries. But now in the 21st century almost the whole world relies on the internet. Hopefully the effects of globalization will make it so almost the whole world has access to the internet. This in turn, will produce an even bigger community and opportunities. But who knows?! I guess we will just have to wait and see…