Network Society and Us

Can’t believe that this is going to be my last blog post…

When I look back at what we have covered during this semester, it seems like all the main concepts about the digital era for media industry have already been discussed comprehensively. However, there is a black hole being stuck in my mind. Even though we have acknowledged clearly that the controversy of the network society is remarkably  existing, and those debates around this topic is getting increasingly popular. What is the ultimate future, or let’s say, solution of all the concerns resulted from the continues and constant  social change.

Yes, I am absolutely pessimistic for the digital tendency. The deeper I get to know about the implication of network society, the less confident I feel in terms of unrestrainedly living in my free will. Transformation of news, privacy and surveillance, convergence and intellectual poverty, etc. I cannot agree with the argument that we are forwardly determining how our life would be in the future. Instead, I think, we are losing control over the network society. Here, “we” doesn’t refer to the elite group, nevertheless, the term of “we” only emphasizes on us as the most common, normal, social human being.

I miss the time without digital devices. I miss the time when people would buy newspaper and spend time on reading it. The time, society solely includes intimate communication and real experience; media is just the combination of words and paper; people are happy but not because they have seen the meaningless online memes.


Nothing has to do with copyright or creative commons licenses

First of all, despite of all the advantages and limitations resulting from either strict or less restriction from copyright and creative commons license, I personally deeply appreciate the protection over intellectual property. Especially, considering whoever has seen this blog post is probably planning to work for creative industry in the future and the comparative neglect of copyright in my own country.

Back to the topic, the example that I want to give to demonstrate the comparison between copyright restriction and alternative option for creative producer is Google. The content output of Google including Google searched website, Google image and Youtube video all belong to creative commons. Apparently, this method used by Google to operate benefits all of its users and doubtlessly reinforces its dominance over today’s global digital environment.

Perhaps, most of us have used Google scholar to find the resources for the essay; in addition, it is undeniable that directly downloading picture from Google image has made the process of making the slide of the presentation way more convenient and efficient. Content produced under creative commons tends to be more generally wide-spread due to the universal access. However, users may unconsciously ignore the importance of the original intellectual property while they find it almost unrestrictedly to transfer any information from Google search engine.

As we are required to give the formal reference of any cited content, in my opinion, increasing public awareness is the most significant solution to prevent intellectual property from being disrupted. Indeed, strict copyright restriction would limit the transmission of the information on Google. Nevertheless, it could possibly raise the public verification of the basic right of creative producers.

Both copyright law and creative commons licenses are not entitled mainly for commercial purpose rather than aiming to effectively protect the intellectual property or maximizing the value of cultural heritage. So I would say, it is just crucial for users to give the respect.

Leave me alone

I started to use Instagram in 2014, 92 posts have been uploaded so far. It is not a huge number, even could be seen as a considerably low record in contrast to a lot of social media activists.

Since the occurrence of social media use, I am always trying to avoid getting too attached to it. But unfortunately, things didn’t end up the way that I expected. If you type my name on any search engine, you will probably find loads of picture covered from my childhood to my previously crazy night life, also the lover letter written by my first boyfriend on his blog. Obviously, it wasn’t me who actually made them available for anyone to see online, so who? Who took our control over our own privacy? Who makes us focus more on those virtual accounts than your friends next door?

Indeed, the convenience provided by social media is hard to ignore. Especially for people like me who live abroad, far away from their family and friends. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram is used universally as the platform to share our life and keep in contact with others. But there is one thing that I certainly don’t understand and never will do, that is what the accurate definition of “private” or “only friend can see” given by internet is? Because, I am really not that invisible as promised by the sharing terms and conditions.

I can live without posting my selfie. However, I don’t think it would be possible to live without internet process nowadays. But, could you just leave me alone?

Bodyspace: Let’s conquer the weakness together

According to the common principle of online community, Bodyspace as one of the biggest fitness community in the world has provided the approachable platform for all the fitness enthusiasts in aid to meet their ambitious goal of bodily building-up achievement. Varied from other online communities, once you open the page, scrolling pictures of bulky men and toned women, and detailed training plan have created such inspirational atmosphere.

The implication of this community consists solely of the engagement of its memberships, posts ranged from nutrition to fitness products have been cataloged as motivation, competition and woman transformation etc. Basically, people can find everything that they want to know about fitness from others’ sharing. Nevertheless, it is not just the place for people to encourage each other but also the milestones established by themselves step by step.

In my opinion, fitness community is reinforcing the social connection between those lonely, boring, tiring activities.It is gathering the common interest from its followers and simultaneously enlarging the promotion and excitation for them resulting from the collaborated contribution. However, it is hard to stay in the certainly appropriate self evaluation, especially when you see some one is doing way better than you, which could be thus argued as the negative influence of the environment. To explain it, you may probably overestimate yourself’s limitation by seeing some one is doing much weight more than you normally do, which consequently leads to irrationally anxiety. In that case, do ever get too attached to virtual world, it helps as well as influences.

Play? NO, better watch it!

I know a lot of you do play video game at home as entertainment and substitute of stressful studying, same as me. What did you normally do, when you can’t pass the certain level, no matter how many times you tried?  We would go check other gigs’ playing video and learn the trick from it!

Since when, the Esports video has become significantly popular as it could already be seen as another diverse branch from video game itself. Here I want to give the example of one of the most sensational video games in the world-League of legend.

League of Legends has an active and widespread competitive scene, more than millions of viewer watch it online each year. In 2015, above 10,000 Australian esport fans attend League of Legends grand final for the Oceanic Pro League at Luna Park in Sydney. In contrast to any other forms of online participation, video game tends to be expected more reasonably for getting more connection with its audience based on its engaging principle.

However, the vital success and attraction of LOL’s champion series cannot be explained in common sense due to the considerable audience participation which has framed this formal online video game with a pop-cultural youth worship. Apart from the massive profit, the watchable live competition of LOL has been shaped by the fans’ extreme enthusiasm, even players have been chased as idol. In some degree, it could be summarized as social value has been imposed by the gradually up-going tendency, which in my opinion is just the perfect reflection of the influence of audience participation that it could be able to establish something not existed before, also reinforce something already existed.

What do you think? Would you agree with me?

Book or Kindle?

Monday morning, Northern line, people are flipping their tablets. If you have no idea what they are actually holding on their hand, you may get quite confused by the way they are using it that is, yeah, Kindle.

To start this post, I want to ask you a question first.

Why you think Kindle could become significantly successful as the convergence of printing books and new technology products?

I think the answer of this question is not just because Kindle occurred as the pioneer of such idea to combine the printing book and electric devices. The lessons from the Kindle’s success in New York Times has stated:

“you can’t underestimate the miracle that happens when you make something really easy for people. Easy means fast, better than the old way and with very few annoying disappointments and delays.”

The implication of Kindle is arguable as it encourages public reading habit, meanwhile, it threatens enormously the printing industry. Look at our life, can this controversy be imposed on other convergences?

Nowadays, we are surrounded by various forms of convergence. It cannot be denied that the emergence of this phenomenon reflects the social improvement. Smartphone, Play station,   the website  and application of traditional paper media as well as Kindle provide crucial convenience covered any part of our life.

However, problems are raised by the inevitable trend that people tend to vitally rely on these new components, therefore traditional industries such as printing book and paper media are facing considerable risks of being abandoned by the decrease on market demand.

Today, we are sorry to see the closures of Independent.  While the press industry is striving, we as the audience and consumer need to consider our choice simultaneously. Don’t call some one who is reading a printing book on the train old school; don’t get brain washed by those attractive advertisement presented by your favorite actor. As we have become the dominant determiner, how do we make the most appropriate decision for the next step?

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The reason of why I choose it as the useful resource of our module is the high quality and reliability of its provided information. In addition, it offers rapid-response research service. However, I don’t think these two advantages mentioned above would be attractive enough for you to actually refer. Therefore one of its important features cannot be ignored that within its brief summary you can more or less gather the main arguments attached with the reference.

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