Open Post – Media Convergence

Out of all the weekly topics the one that was the most interesting to me was Media Convergence, not because it links directly to parts of my course but because the possibilities and outcomes of using Media Convergence.

Media Convergence plays a very big role in media because we are simple putting  our idea which might not be a full picture, but when it is put into pre-production then it starts to develop more and starts to become a full picture. This is when people who have gained ideas from another production add it to the pile of ideas, anything which is produced today is a form of convergence as is almost anything today.

Since I have gained a better understanding of convergence I have started to slowly notice the role of it in our society today as well as how often it is used in products which are Media related as well ones which are not. As well as gaining a better insight in what is Convergence in the Media industry I have also been able the benefits of using convergence effectively and negatively. Effective forms of Convergence are Films, Tv shows, Phones, Laptops but some forms of Convergence don’t always work out as planned mainly when it come to Films which are adaptations of comics or a novel.



Amazon Prime and Copyright

Amazon created their own version of Netflix called Amazon Prime which costs you £40 every year. Amazon Prime display loads of content just like Netflix however Amazon Prime features recent feature films and independent films and does not tend to have older films available to stream unless you purchase the film or tv show. When you pay for Amazon Prime you can stream to any device Desktop, Laptop and your phone which is very helpful and Amazon Prime also allows you other benefits like next day delivery, although it does not apply to every item on Amazon.

If Amazon was to use the creative commons license then the only unique selling point of Amazon Prime is the next day delivery, but this will not happen unless it was a trail to make people think of buying a subscription to Amazon Prime. Amazon intend to make a profit so them allowing creative commons would be against what their aim is. If Amazon Prime did allow creative commons, which wont happen, then all the Amazon exclusives would be great to watch any time any place with it legal, which would be great but is unlikely to happen.

What is Private to us today?

When it comes to the internet what information should we display for everyone to see and how much? For me I tend to keep my information private and only allow friends to see information about me, for example on Facebook anyone can search for my account but limited information is shown like my school or college but not any personal information is shown. I chose to share certain information with my friends on Facebook mainly because I’m not that into using Facebook and updating it with all my information plus I personally don’t think of showing lots of information about yourself on the internet is a great idea. Any information which we choose to display on the internet is no longer under our control best example when uploading a picture to Facebook its not really yours any more, you can take it down but it will still be kept by Facebook.

As we are slowly increasing our technology we are putting up information about ourselves or about one another and that information is taken out of our hands and can be used by anyone, government or hacker. Even if we try to display barely no information about ourselves there will always be a way to get information about us from the internet.

Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight is a online community since it brings people together who share the same interests, however its more for creating a audience for a specific game to be made however recently it has introduced movies and books in the pile. Since Steam has started to gain more attention by lots of people it has started to change for example it started off being a digital store now its a place where people can come together to play games, watch movies or if they really wanted to read a book together. Steam Greenlight helps the unknown people who are trying to be game developers or movie makers to have a chance to get their idea out to a audience who can support or fund the idea which allows the creator to make money off their idea and to get some acknowledgement. When the audience help out on the ideas they are raising awareness of the certain item to people as if it hits a certain amount of supporters then it is featured in a pop up which is shown to everyone. Though this community has some great people there will not always be nice people on the internet especially since the internet is used by almost everyone, another bad thing would be that the awareness they can make is only shown to people who use Steam and is not shown anywhere else unless the creator or supporters put it there.

Link – http://steamcommunity. com/greenlight/ [accessed 01/03/16]

The Audience Kick Starts their media

If you didn’t know there is a website called Kick Starter which allows users to post their ides for movies, games etc. This website is free to use and allows any form of media to be created, if people like the idea they can support it by sending money which helps fund the project and if the creators have set up goals then it could allow for more development for example with a game if they reach $150 then a exclusive item will be released for everyone.

My example is the game known as Darkest Dungeon (

This game started off with a small team making the game and due to the support of the audience the game made lots of progress and the game was finished way before the date the creators had originally told. The power of audience is what makes this website work, it helps produce independent media which the audience wants but may not be able to make it into main stream media.


Convergence in Marvel Studios

From sketches to comics and then to the big screen. Marvel Studios have created so many comic stories which have been bought by companies like Sony, 20th Centaury Fox etc, the set companies use convergence to generate income using what they know best making movies on the big screen. The best example that comes to mind is Sony with their versions of the Spider-man movies which they have rebooted recently and failed to get profit so they decided to ditch the actor they used and do another reboot with a new person. This is a prime example of companies using convergence as when they release DVD’s to us they can also come with the UltraViolet copy (majority of movies with this don’t actually work so its pointless) this allows us to watch the movie online anywhere and anytime.

There are loads more examples of convergence that involve Marvel Studios since they also produce their own movies now like Deadpool and they are now producing a new Captain America movie. When companies use this form of convergence it can apply to lots of people for example those who are into comics are one of the main demographics however people who are not that into them will most likely see its something new and exciting and will want to watch. Companies that make these movies also make lots of merchandise for us the consumer to purchase for our children or for our own personal use. The amount of advertising and merchandise that is produced for these movies can be considered as a form of convergence since the advertisement of the item helps advertise the movie as well as the DVD copy.


Online Resources

The Resource –

Even though this resource was published in 2004 it still contains information which I found interesting especially since the information is from a old source which give me a idea of how the Media, Politics and the Network Society. I have not fully read the whole book however I have had a little look into certain areas which I think would help me on this module course. The main topic which had me interested in this text was the first chapter which goes into some detail about what is a Network Society which really cleared some issues I had about the module for example I did not really think that the Network Society had stretched out so far but after reading the first chapter it gave me a clear idea of how far it stretches and how much we can be controlled by simple things we take for granted in our daily lives. Overall I think the text gives a little bit of an insight into what the module is about and how it was in 2004 which I think is a good piece of information we can use so that we can compare the influence there was and how much there is now.