Open Post: How important is convergence?

This module has presented itself with fascinating topics that have been of interest to me. Whilst I have enjoyed learning new things about how the internet influences society, I have also learned how to identify different views and perceptions of our society and how we relate to the media. However whilst convergence presents itself with several advantages, you could question whether media convergence is more beneficial to its industry or society.

I found the topic of convergence to be the most interesting to me because although I learned about it briefly in A2 Media studies, I wasn’t aware of the impact that it had. People of the media tend to get excited about convergence because it holds so much promise, the merging of mass communication outlets (print, radio, television) through digital platforms is both overwhelming but impressive.

As a music fan, I especially liked learning how convergence has made an impact to the music industry, changing how audiences access, listen and use music. Also due to popular demand social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace to distribute the music and promote the artists.

Since gaining a better understanding of convergence, I’ve learnt that converged communication provides various tools for storytelling as a way of presenting information and allowing audiences to interact.














  1. First of all, I love that gif! I think convergence is one of the most fascinating components of millennials’ usage of technology, and a world without it is getting increasingly unthinkable. As marketable as these new products are, I wouldn’t say it is more beneficial to the industry, as so many forms of traditional media are going out of fashion and leaving the market due to increasing convergence, causing huge losses of profit. For us as a society however, things are getting increasingly more practical and uniform. Our smartphones now contain everything essential and we only remember the times we had to carry around our phone, iPod, camera, and a book/magazine all at the same time with dread.


  2. Is convergence really good for both the industry and the audience ? it is for now, but if you look at it down the line, would the industry even still exist with the amounts of people who are just streaming and sharing the content these industries produce ? However I do see your point of how easy the interaction between the industry and the audience is coming together.


  3. I think that convergence has more advantages, especially in the media because it can help improve the way we consume the media. It makes it convenient to find music and TV through the internet on websites such as YouTube, Spotify and Netflix.


  4. I also agree that convergence is so beneficial to people nowadays. It is easy and convenient for people to access it on many different platform, such as television, radio, online platforms etc. And convergence not only useful to the audience but also for the productions who can make a profit from this. Great blog post!


  5. I think convergence can be a good thing both for the industry and audiences. It allows audiences to listen for music, for example, on different platforms and therefore artists can reach wider audiences and sell more. However, developments in technology also make it easier for illegal music downloading and sharing and therefore artists must use different strategies to continue to make money. Its also good for other industries such as TV as audiences can watch catch-up TV online and programmes may therefore receive more overall viewers. Online services can also suggest programmes that you may like to watch which is obviously beneficial for audiences and again means the industry could reach more people.


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