Useful? I hope so!


From the moment I saw this week’s topic, I knew it will be the hardest to write about. Took long enough to choose the right subject to focus on. But as I have previously mentioned, in the second blog post, I am passionate about blogs and creative websites, so I am just going to go back to that topic and introduce to you more useful online resources.

In my spare time, I truly enjoy watching youtube videos, so I follow a lot of vloggers and I usually get notified whenever a new video comes up. So I have a compelling list of video blogs for different areas and domains that some of you might find interesting and useful not only for your module, but maybe for your free time hobby.

To begin with, for those of you who have to keep up-to-date with current events I can give you CitizenTube which is hosted by YouTube and it deals with current events and political events and issues from all over the world. 


Philip Scott Johnson is one of those people who have a massive passion for art and he publicly shares on his YouTube channel, a fascinating collection of videos that put art in motion, like Italian Renaissance Art, Women and Men in Film or Faces of Fashion.

Last but not least, for my colleagues who have the same passion as me, meaning foreign languages, I am here to introduce you to some video blogs that can make spanish and french so much easier for you. TheSpanishBlog is basically like your personal native Spanish speaking tutor than you can just go to whenever you want to learn something new. The teacher’s name is Laura Garrido Eslava and she uploads spanish lessons on her YouTube channel as well as her blog.



And also, for those french lovers, in my opinion, French From Beginners to Advanced is really the perfect place to go. 

So, as my last series of questions for you.. Did you find it useful? Does any of these resources seem appealing to you? Will you use any of them?



  1. You Tube is an amazing platform where people see everything from entertainment to education. The latter, as you mentioned, can expand the viewers mind, as it opens them to different cultures, ideas and so much more, almost anything is possible. I’ll check out the vlogs and blogs you have linked, in particularly the language sites as I really want to learn new languages. Thanks for the interesting links!


  2. I honestly believe that youtube videos can be really helpful and not just used for procrastinating, it’s also great to be able to be entertained while doing something useful like keeping up with recent events in the world and whatnot, the language blogs seem really interesting and might watch TheSpanishBlog.


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