My Online Self


I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check all three news feeds to keep up to date with what is happening. And I do all this before I have even got out of bed.

I have set up each of the social networking sites that I use to the highest privacy setting, as I would like to think that my details are private, but they are not. No matter how secure I think that the information that I upload is. It is not. The cookies on websites and the social networking site itself, has the right to keep that image or data that I chose to share with them. So no matter how private I make my settings, nothing is private on the internet.

Before writing this blog post, I was curious and thought it would be interesting to Google myself. I was shocked to see that images of my family and friends as well as my address were being shared on the internet for the whole world to see. This made me realise that no matter how much you think you’re being safe on the internet and how many precautions you’re taking, nothing is safe.




Communities Online.

x box

It’s been rather a long time since I last played X Box or consoles alike in an online community, in fact the last time probably was way back in year 9, a 14 year old me sat in front of a TV hid away in my bedroom all night. X Box and Playstation have an online feature, meaning you can chat to other gamers around the world not just your friends, it also allows you to compete against each other, in particularly with EA’s Fifa.

I remember talking to all sorts of people online, especially when as part of a clan competing against others, mainly quick scope sniper matches on Call of Duty. However more recently the online community has changed, with gamers making YouTube videos on game walkthroughs or just simply playing the game but at a high level. These people have gained a fanbase and even made money from such videos, so this has therefore thrown them into a new online community, sharing videos and gaining a fanbase online.

Many of these people who have become friends actually meet up in real life, at events like conventions or game releases.

Who would of thought you can become friends with a stranger playing the same game as you?


Flickr is a photo management and sharing application, Flickr was first launched in 2004 mainly for photographers and also for people who want to organise and share their photos.


The number of users on Flickr had initially grown so fast which allowed the company to expand and sell the app a year after it’s development to Yahoo in 2005, so what’s significant about the participation of these users besides allowing Yahoo to commercialise it?

The users of Flickr also have communities within the community of Flickr as a whole, users can create their own groups, public or private for them and their friends, or to find people who share people with similar interests, and example of a group would be University of Westminster Students. (Saudi students abroad is a group i’m a member of for example)

Users benefit through Flickr by making a name for themselves as photographers and by showing other photographers their skill and potential which could allow collaborations with other people, some challenges of Flickr though is the limitation of data that users can upload, each user with a free account can add up to a Terabyte of pictures and videos (which is still a big size of storage), users can then update their content by deleting old stuff and adding their new work.


Student Room

Is an app and website that is paired with Facebook and you connect with other class mates in your GCSE, A-level or university classes. The class is listed under the university then teacher and then your scheduled class time. When you sign up under this class you can communicate with your classmates and ask questions, share notes or study materials. You can also connect to classmates around the world by facetiming which allows you to personally engage with your classmates. The thing that might be challenging is getting all of your classmates to participate in the website. Some classes might not have a profile so when you need help you might not get it. But on the other side it provides advice when applying to university or any general advice about university. You can get assistance with your CV, choice in career, temp-jobs or any career path you want to take. It also provides tabs that advises students on relationships and health; news and entertainment and your student finances. All these are provided in order to help a student choose the best lifestyle and career they want.

Yelp: Everyone’s a Critic


Launched in 2004 Yelp is an online review site where users can post on restaurants and other local businesses and is mostly used in metropolitan areas. The main selling point of Yelp is that anybody can create an account and start reviewing at their own pace, they can also read other users reviews and recommendations.

First launched as an internet site Yelp is also accessible through an app on mobile devices and in 2012 it was estimated that 42% of Yelps searches are made from a mobile device.

In recent years users have been able to check hygiene inspection scores and other relevant information on their local businesses. It’s now also possible to make restaurant reservations through the app as well as order food to be delivered.

Because reviews on the service are provided by real people with their own opinions, some users have gotten into trouble over writing negative reviews.Some businesses have tried to sue Yelp and its users for libel but these cases have been rejected on the grounds of freedom of expression. On the flip side there have been cases of ‘fake’ reviews or ‘bought’ reviews where businesses have supplied their own reviews for the service to boost their reputation.



Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight is a online community since it brings people together who share the same interests, however its more for creating a audience for a specific game to be made however recently it has introduced movies and books in the pile. Since Steam has started to gain more attention by lots of people it has started to change for example it started off being a digital store now its a place where people can come together to play games, watch movies or if they really wanted to read a book together. Steam Greenlight helps the unknown people who are trying to be game developers or movie makers to have a chance to get their idea out to a audience who can support or fund the idea which allows the creator to make money off their idea and to get some acknowledgement. When the audience help out on the ideas they are raising awareness of the certain item to people as if it hits a certain amount of supporters then it is featured in a pop up which is shown to everyone. Though this community has some great people there will not always be nice people on the internet especially since the internet is used by almost everyone, another bad thing would be that the awareness they can make is only shown to people who use Steam and is not shown anywhere else unless the creator or supporters put it there.

Link – http://steamcommunity. com/greenlight/ [accessed 01/03/16]

Dating websites: yes or no?

Dating websites is a good example of an online community as it allows single people with common interest to meet. Personally I feel like dating websites can having their positives and negatives. An advantage would be that it allows people from different locations to find love, it is a good site for people who have low confidence as it gives them the ability to interact more as they a not standing in front of the other person.

A negative could be that people could result to the formation of fake accounts, this is known as ‘catfishes’, this is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.  This is a common problem with dating sites in particular. A few are examples of dating websites that have a specific target audience and can therefore be perceived as limitations are as follows:

  • Elite singles is a dating website specifically aimed at ‘elite’ individuals, aged 30 and above who come from higher income and education groups. This is in some ways degrading to individuals that don’t meet their criteria
  • Soul swipe is another example of a dating websites however this mainly focuses on the race of the individual. It is primarily for black people living in the UK.
  • Christian mingle is targeted towards religious Christians therefore promoting the thought that Muslims or individuals of other religions can’t interact with them.


elite.pngmiglewd.pngOverall dating websites is a positive example of an online community as it people that take part in it do benefit from their participation in the sites.