The art of the community

As many people will be surprised i am a very big fan of art, mainly computer generated imagery such as motion graphics and 3d. This side of art and media isn’t very well know due to the level of skill and imagination one will need to create such images. With so many people who work on this area and get paid for it, there is only one place a person can share this and that is the on-line art site deviant.

Although this sight does attract the more qwerty style of art, it does has a lot more within it. It is a place where people are able to show off the latest drawings or paintings, as well as show off their level of modelling and the skill level of many photographers. It also allows people to post a for of blogs that their followers or as they are know watchers can find out about their latest projects.

So why is this an important on-line community, well it allows people who have a hobby, or a passion or a career in the different forms of art can express themselves. They are also able to collaborations with other people who share the same passion. Overall this community can help create and inspire so much imagination or ideas and is one of the most important on-line community out there.



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